Come visit Mexico’s biggest wine region., located two hours south of the border. With over 200 wineries and over 60 restaurants, the Valle offers an activity for everyone to enjoy. Baja’s wine history began back in the late 1800s but blossomed sometime in 1980; now Baja’s wine has won international awards and is gaining fame around the world.

My name is Roberto Ruiz, and I cofounded Baja Style eight years ago with my wife with the goal of promoting our state and everything it has to offer. I’m a Civil Engineer that has been working in San Diego for over 13 years ago. It all started from a trip I organized with my coworkers to Mexico, a quarterly trip to Valle started from there and now has grown to Baja Style. Since then, we have helped over 250 guests travel to Baja, we are your local connection in Mexico; traveling with us is similar to visiting a friend in a different city and asking them for their recommendations on where to stay, eat, and drink. If you’re traveling by yourself, with a partner, or a group, we will organize your whole weekend, including transportation, hotel, itinerary, reservations at wineries and restaurants, and other activities. We personalize each trip, and won’t group you with other people that aren’t your guests.

If you’re coming down to PWX 2023 in San Diego, take a few days before or after to visit Baja. All you need is your passport and my phone number. Fill in the information below and we’ll start organizing your vacation!

    Date of travel

    If you want to reach out to me directly, feel free to reach out at:
    Roberto Ruiz-Salas, PE
    [email protected]

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