About us

We are Ana Sofia and Roberto, and we want to take you to places that we like to visit.  Spots that we go with our friends and family so that you can experience Baja California as a local.

We will be your local contact in Baja:  traveling with us is like calling a friend when you travel to where they live and you ask them where to go, what to eat, how to move around and where to stay.

The places we choose, are the spots where we feel like family, we know the employees, the owners and the history of the destinations we go to.

Ask us about what places to visit and the best times to go, we want you to feel comfortable and that you aren’t a tourist in a new place.

Whether you’re on vacation for a day or a week, you’re organizing a work event, bachelorette party, friend trip or for any occasion, we will personalize your group’s experience so that you enjoy Baja and you become a promoter of our State just like us.